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Weight Management Blood Test Panel


Blood Tests Can Help Manage Your Weight Loss!

Blood test offers insight into biological processes and body functioning that can contribute to difficulty with weight management. SkinnyLabb Health and Wellness offers a weight management blood test panel that assesses the functioning of many of the body’s mechanisms that control weight loss and weight gain.


Why is it important to have blood test for any good physician assisted weight loss plan?

  • An alarmingly high number of Americans today are overweight or obese.


  • A wealth of research findings reveals that prescription drugs, bioidentical hormones, nutrients, and lifestyle changes can help promote substantial fat loss.


  • Physicians can utilize blood testing results in order to create targeted, highly effective weight-loss programs.


  • Achieving weight-loss success involves correcting postprandial metabolic disorders through a multi-pronged approach.


  • Restoring youthful hormone levels is another essential aspect of reducing excess body fat stores.


  • Since weight loss can be challenging, an aggressive and comprehensive therapeutic program plus extensive patient education are required in order to achieve lasting success.