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What are “Colonics”?

Colonics are used to cleanse the body of toxins that build up in the colon.  When these toxins can no longer be effectively eliminated through the large intestine, they can cause “auto intoxication” (the poisoning of one’s own system through un-eliminated toxins).  This results in a wide variety of symptoms which may include aching joints, headaches, poor concentration, mood swings, PMS, lethargy, fatigue, etc.  Many diseases may also be linked to autointoxication.  Colonics themselves are not a cure for any disease, but they can aid the body’s natural ability to heal itself by temporarily removing the overload on the system caused by the toxins. Colonics are a gentle and effective way to cleanse the bowels and reduce toxic buildup.

What to Expect at your First Visit

Our equipment is the FDA approved medical LIBBE device. It is an open system and utilizes a very small speculum -about the size of a small straw to inject three times filtered into your colon. With a gentle pressure, this device allows for a deep cleanse. The treatment is not painful but for some it might be slightly uncomfortable.  The device is safe and easy to use and does not require a therapist to be in the room with you during the entire procedure. As the recipient of the treatment, you will be lying comfortably on your back on the treatment table.  Once the speculum is inserted, and the water turned on, your therapist will evaluate you to make sure your services goes smoothly.  Your therapist will then leave the room to allow you to relax, watch a movie, listen to music or meditate.

What Should I Eat Before/After the Colonic?

My recommendation is to do what is most comfortable for you.  Many people find that eating only lightly before or after the colonic, or even fasting the day of the treatment helps them feel that the cleanse has been more complete. Perhaps the best way to cleanse the digestive tract is too fast and to take 1-2 colonics during the fast.

How Often Should I have a Colonic? Generally, we recommend a series of four to six treatments, one week apart.  Like many therapies, one treatment will bring some relief, but in order to have a lasting improvement generally more than one colonic is needed.  After having a series of treatments you will know what it feels like to detoxify.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask before the treatment.

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